Can Indoor Cycling be as Effective Cycling Outdoors?

As I sit in front of the cycle that I’ve recently bought from the local shop, I have this impending question in front of me. Will using this cycle as an exercise bike inside the house yield me the results that I look for? Will it help me to stay fit and active? Will cycling inside a room help in fat loss and help me to get lean? This is just one among the many questions that itches my mind for the past few days? If you are one such person, don’t worry. It is as good as cycling outside in the real world. Indoor cycling is as effective as you want to be. More often than not the act of cycling alone doesn’t determine health and fitness. It is how long you cycle and what you consume both before and after you cycle.

Cycling is Cycling – Wherever You Do It

When you exercise inside your home on the exercise bike, it is as effective as cycling on the roads. The main difference is that the exercise bike can become monotonous and boring after a few days. Other than that both these provide the same aerobic activity for your body. Both the activities increase your heart rate and help in fat loss. However, when you cycle inside your home, there is an option to try Online cycling.

It is the act of cycling in the virtual and online world using visual aids. There are many apps to help you create this experience and Vingo is one of the best apps at the task. If you have not heard about this app, it is high time that you get yourself one.

How Long You Cycle Decides the Effectiveness

The underlying fact is that cycling is only as effective as the duration and intensity of the exercise. True that these aerobics help in slow fat loss even while you are not exercising. However, the intensity of the exercise is very important to start this burnout process. When you cycle outdoors, you will be forced to do high intensity cycling as the terrain will have varying elevation. More importantly, you have to get from wherever you have gone cycling. When you do this inside a room there is no pushing factor, as you can easily stop when you feel tired.

The App Creates a Memorable & Enjoyable Experience

This is where an Indoor cycling app like Vingo helps. You can create a virtual cycling experience in which you exercise on the stationary bike but you can experience it as if you are cycling in a distant place. This is achieved through the usage of virtual reality. This will be both a memorable and an enjoyable one for you.

Start You Cycling Journey Today with Vingo

If you are still confused about the efficacy and effectiveness of cycling inside your home, you need not think too much about it. If you love to cycle outdoors, by all means go out. Otherwise use this excellent bike training app & get fit.

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