How To Handle The Fear Of Choking

We tend to live in fear, and many of us have psychological problems and fear dealing with them. Ordinary people are more aware of physical health than mental health, and that is a big reason behind many people suffering from mental health. 

On the other hand, we like to eat, and we like to eat delicious foods. Many of us are foodies, and thus we do not know about the problems with people who like to eat food. Well, it’s not common, and the main reason behind not having food can be the fear of choking for some people.

Are you stunned! But this is the truth that you don’t know because you have not faced it yet or have not seen your loved ones face it. This article will let you understand the fear of choking and how you can handle this when you come to such a situation! 

What Is The Fear Of Choking?

The fear of choking is called Pseudodysphagia, and people sometimes confuse it with Phagophobia. 

Well, let us give you an idea about both of these phobias!

Phagophobia is when you are afraid of the act of swallowing, and on the other hand, Pseudodysphagia is when you are afraid to swallow because you think that it will lead to choking. 

There are two different cases, but sometimes a person may have both of these, and the treatment for these is also similar depending on the mental conditions of the person. 

With Pseudodysphagia, the tension of swallowing increases with solid food, and people start to feel the pressure and tension of swallowing the food. It ultimately causes throat muscles and leads to choking.

Handling The Fear Of Choking

Well, most of us leave this phobia untreated, and that leads to increased tension or fear of the patient. In this modern era, it can be possible to depend on processed food, but many of us are unaware of the nutrition stats, and that might lead to health issues. 

So, it’s better to handle the mental condition of the person and to treat the phobia properly. Let’s check how we can handle this fear! 

1. Use Pill Swallowing Gel

The fear of these people is not just limited to food but to every swallowing process, including pills. So, let’s handle this process first!

Pill swallowing gels are very effective in helping anyone with pills to grab. In that case, you can take professional help with pill swallowing and other medical assistance. Gels can smoothen your pills, and that will help you to swallow them very easily without obstacles. 

2. Take Small Bites

Coming to the next part, swallowing food can be helpful when you try to grab small bits at once. Taking large bites will increase your tension, and you cannot swallow it easily. 

So, it’s better to focus on small things and start with small bites, and when you see that you are not facing any problem, you will gain the confidence to finish your food. 

3. Chew Food

It is always advisable for all to chew their food properly. Once you inherit the idea of chewing your food properly, you will be able to handle the pressure automatically. 

It’s not a big deal for you, but it can be a big deal for those who are suffering from choking fear. In addition, chewing food properly will lead to better digestion of the food you are grabbing. 

4. Avoid Solid Food

If you are trying to avoid solid food, you are in a safe zone. Not everyone knows about the fear, and thus not everyone inherits such a process. 

Well, solid food is difficult to chew and then swallow. Then why shouldn’t you focus on liquid foods? That will be better for the people who have such a phobia, and they will not have any kind of problem with liquid food. 

5. Drink The Liquid

No matter what food you are having, keeping a water glass beside is always preferable. Choking can be accidental and can be permanent for the people, and thus it’s better to keep water with you. 

At times, you can have a little amount of water and then have food, and this simultaneous way can help you to finish your food by limiting the fear. 

To Wrap Up

After the discussion of the phobia and its mitigation ways, what do you think can we do better? 

Do you have any better ideas to handle the fear of choking? Well, if you have, you can share it with us, and we will be obliged to grab new ideas. However, these processes will allow you to limit the fear of choking for sure.

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