Teeth Whitening: Whishing for a Whiter Smile?

A radiant white smile is an indisputable asset when navigating the modern world. Not only do whiter smiles indicate a healthy enamel, the protective outer layer encasing the teeth; they significantly contribute to a patient’s appearance, greatly enhancing one’s confidence in the process. 

White smiles have remained a sought-after commodity for generations, but with the rise of social media and it’s influence in expanding the sheer demand of beauty products and services, securing a white smile has garnered more and more attention than ever. This upward trend has given rise to a plethora of teeth whitening methods, with each one ranging in popularity and capability!

To best understand the validity of the various options available, let’s review some of the most common whitening methods consumers dabble in.

An Array of Options

Each option takes a unique approach in brightening the smile, with some boasting more success than others. While there is one undeniably dominant method, it’s understandable that factors such as cost, time, and effectiveness all play a substantial role in each consumers decision. It’s important to note; each of these store-bought or at home measures will, to some extent, whiten the teeth’s enamel with varying results. 

Specialized Toothpastes

Reputable brands, which have a longstanding history of manufacturing and distributing necessary products like toothpaste, have diversified their offerings to match the demand for whiter smiles. This has birthed multiple new lines of toothpastes, many of which are infused with particular elements known to assist in whitening the teeth over time through regular usage.

These toothpastes have been proven to generate modest results, as their usage targets extrinsic stains among the surface of the teeth- but typically can’t penetrate much deeper. This is due to many abrasives and bleaching agents being incorporated as ingredients, such as; silica, pyrophosphates, hydrogen peroxide, and so on. 

Brands conforming to the most modern of trends may carry charcoal infused toothpastes, which boast a similar effectiveness yet instead employ natural materials like activated charcoal and coconut oil instead of the harsh or grating chemicals mentioned above.

While using these toothpastes are an affordable method to ensure a whiter smile, and are a great addition to a robust oral care regimen, their results may only go so far. 

At-Home Whitening Kits

Similar to whitening toothpastes, many well-known brands have introduced credible at home whitening kits widely available both online and in-store at varying price points. While they may deviate in look and feel, these products usually come in a collection of trays which are filled with whitening gels, designed for the consumer to wear for a limited amount of time and then discard. Ensure to thoroughly read and follow the product’s specific instructions during use! 

With respectable results, these kits take the capabilities of the aforementioned toothpastes a step further. Containing carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, the gel attached to each strip can target stains more effectively by sitting directly atop the teeth’s surface for a substantial amount of time. Due to the absence of a professional, the concentrations of these elements are watered down to mitigate any damage on behalf of the consumer.

The results from these store-bought alternatives can be impressive if utilized correctly, with many consumers satisfied with their performance and willing to fork over the cost. Yet still, for those seeking a more systemic transformation, it’s capabilities will still fall short to what can be achieved through a dental professional!

A Million More Remedies

Before discussing the clear winner of teeth whitening, it must be stated that there remain many at home remedies and lifestyle choices which can influence a healthier looking smile. Again, their results may be modest, but they will leave their mark. Some of these include;

  • Brushing the teeth with a mixture of baking soda and water
  • Consuming foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products 
  • Steering away from acidic and stain heavy substances like coffee, sauces, and soda
  • Avoiding the usage of all tabaco products
  • Swishing around coconut oil (oil pulling) to strip the teeth of bacteria and other impurities 
  • Practicing routine brushing and flossing 

The Champion of Teeth Whitening

While all the previously mentioned methods serve their purpose with varying results, the crowned jewel of teeth whitening technology can only be administered by a professional. That’s right; in order to achieve top notch results and significantly transform your smile with a longer lasting shine, it’s encouraged to book an appointment with a talented dental professional.

Professionals are tasked with curating a unique approach, customized to each smile’s different needs. As any store-bought item will present a one size fits all approach, failing to take each patient’s specific type of staining or desired teeth shade into consideration. 

Utilizing state of the art equipment, professionals may safely and effectively administer a higher concentration of whitening materials, which penetrate far deeper into the structure of the tooth than any toothpaste or strip can claim. Seamlessly reaching far beyond the front six or so teeth which store bought strips are limited to, and drastically whitening the entirety of the smile from deep within!

If quick fix attempts aren’t what you’re searching for, book an appointment with our office or give us a call to learn more about our specialized teeth whitening process. Allow our dedicated team to structurally whiten your smile- ensuring jaw dropping and long-lasting results!

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