Take Back Your Calm: Dr. Bill Cole Explains Heart Health Awareness for February

Dr. Bill Cole runs the leading functional health group and is the creator of the Cellular Health Accelerator Program. In honor of Heart Health Awareness Month in February, we connected with him to learn how to take better care of our cardiovascular system.


Stress is the most common contributor for bad heart health. A certain level of random stress is standard for most of us, but prolonged stress lasting for months or years with no signs of slowing down does horrible damage to our hearts. To have a stress free fit life we must consider having food which consist of Low Cholesterol Oil.

Low Cholesterol Foods are always good for health and help maintain a Stress Free Life. We Humans eat street food which is not good for our health and also increases risk of having a heart failure. We should ensure our self to have health food for heart and maintain a stress free mental health.

“Stress increases your heart rate and narrows your blood vessels,” said Dr. Cole. “This makes you more vulnerable to heart attacks and disease. But don’t let fear of these things stress you out if you are a naturally anxious person. Stress is normal. It’s taking care of ourselves in the right ways, with exercise and breathing, that makes all the difference.”

Listen to your body and utilize diet and exercise to keep stress at bay. Take regular walks, listen to your favorite music, and try meditation. Deep breathing slows down our heart rate and creates what is known as our ‘relaxation response’. You can turn on this response in the same way an annoying coworker or life partner turns on your stress! You can also trigger this response by looking at pleasing images. Perhaps save an image gallery on your phone that takes you to your ‘happy place’ when you look at it.

Make a List

In addition to a bank of calming images, it can be helpful to have a short list of quick activities that help trigger your relaxation response. Try not to overwhelm yourself by creating a 20-item list. If you find yourself with too many options, you can write each one on a small piece of paper and put them in a mason jar to select a calming activity at random each time you are stressed.

“Take a walk, read a book, breathe deeply, stretch, or call a friend to calm yourself,” said Dr. Cole. “Listen to your favorite song with your eyes closed and try to lose yourself in the music. If we do something small and caring like this for ourselves every day, our stress levels decrease, and we can train our minds and our hearts to relax.”

Don’t Leave Heart Health for Last

Making your list for stress-alleviating activities won’t get you very far if you don’t put them into action. For example, try setting a reminder on your phone every morning to stretch for five minutes or plan a walk with your family ahead of time and put it on the calendar. It just takes these small steps to make a massive difference in your health over time.

Get Back to Basics

Stress is the baseline, but all aspects of our health are connected. By taking care of our diet and exercise habits, we take care of our stress, our physical health, and even our physical appearance.

“Eating a diet that is heart-healthy and maintaining a regular exercise regimen will reduce your stress, clean your heart, and strengthen your internal organs,” said Dr. Cole. “It’s all connected. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and laughter. And limit your sugar intake, for crying out loud!” he added.

Moving more, eating healthy foods, cutting our sugar, being active with your family, and coming together for meals all contribute to a healthy body and heart. Adding in additional vitamins and minerals like lactobacillus reuteri capsules, for example, can also help aid in contributing to a healthy heart.  Additionally, Dr. Cole recommends not smoking, aiming for a healthy weight, and improving our sleep hygiene – all pillars of well-rounded heart health.

We all know how to take care of ourselves. It’s been the same basic formula for eons. But new science comes out almost daily, and Dr. Cole has the solution we need to take our health back or take it to the next level. His foundational health coaching system takes his students health from average to stellar.

About Dr. Bill Cole

Dr. Bill Cole, Founder of the largest foundational health group of its kind, has created the Cellular Health Accelerator Program that helps people to be well, feel well, and age well. He has helped to transform the lives of thousands and has spoken on stages across the nation. For more information, visit

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