What are Custom Made Pins and Their manufacturing process?

Custom made pins are unique in that they are designed to meet the needs of the customer. They can be small and simple, large and complex. They can be created for a business’s marketing campaign, or to commemorate an event. The customer has complete control over the design process and can provide input at each step along the way. Customized pins are usually ordered by a marketing firm, which will work with a client on designing a logo and finalizing a design for a pin. Once this process is completed, the company can produce thousands of pins in less than two weeks— which is more cost-effective than producing hundreds or even tens of thousands of one-size-fits-all pins from scratch. Custom made pins offer marketers an opportunity to build brand awareness with little cost.

Why Buy Custom Made Pins? 

Custom made pins are an excellent addition to any event. The pins are not only a great way to promote your company, but they are also a great way to thank your employees. Pins are available in various shapes and sizes. They can be made out of metal, plastic, or even wood. They can have your company logo on them. It can also be customized with the event’s logo and colour scheme for a great look and feel. A custom made pin is an excellent gift for anyone who attends your event. They will not only remember that you were there, but they will also remember how thoughtful you were with the gift, long after the event has ended! A handmade token of love adds a good impression about you and your business. 

How are Custom Made Pins manufactured?

  • The first step within the enamel pin producing method is to show your digital style into a physical mould. Manufacturers tend to transfer the file to a machine that cuts out a mould in industrial steel. 
  • Next, they tend to interrupt a number of the surplus metal around the inscribed style. Continual heating and cooling harden the mould till it’s super-duper sturdy. 
  • It progresses to the stamping method. The hardened mould is loaded up into a machine that may use it to stamp the look. Pins are typically created out of iron or metallic element alloy. It is softer than the steel stamping mould. The mould comes down with plenty of pressure, pressing the look into the plate. 
  • A separate machine punches out the pin form. Electroplating is adding an outer layer of metal, like gold or silver, to the pin base. Each arduous and soft enamel pin are electroplated. However, it is done at different stages within the producing method. Soft enamel pins get the electroplating before they are enamelled. It is often the stage where they get their final base colour. 
  • Enamel pins are electroplated later. Before that, an honest polish when enamelling will prevent the erode of the plating. Your pin gets enamelled in superb colour. It is often done either via machine injection or by hand. Soft enamel pins get a skinny layer of paint and are not crammed up to the brim, making a recessed look. Enamel pins are crammed all the far to the metal edges. 


Custom pins square measure seeing a betterment in quality recently. Partly, as a result of their retro-ness has begun to create them cooler. And partially owing to the Coronavirus, firms and health organizations square measure victimization custom pins to unfold awareness and show their support to those affected. 

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