The role of infographics in school website design

These days, it’s literally hard to come across a website that doesn’t have infographics. The concept began trending back in 2015 and has since taken the world by storm. It has now become a design staple that you’d notice on independent, public, and even on international school websites. The big, bold, icons and numbers help put forward various aspects of your institution in an easy-to-digest format that looks cool on every smart device. However, infographics are more than a compilation of random numbers. It allows schools to tell their story in a most visual and appealing format.

Why use infographics in school website design and cms?

In these modern times, almost everyone has easy access to data and information, and we spend a major portion of our day consuming all kinds of content. People who access school websites generally do it through smart devices – mobile phones and tablets, and thus, they prefer seeing content that’s short, precise, and visually engaging. This is where infographics shine.

Here are a few facts in support of the use of infographics in school website design and cms.

  • 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Visuals tend to be processed about 60,000 times faster than text
  • 40% of our population responds better to visual information
  • People remember about 80% of what they see and do and only 20% of what they hear

So, in short, when schools start using infographics, their content is more likely to be seen, remembered, and even engaged with.

Ways in which infographics can be integrated into website design

  • Ditch the bullet facts and figures section: Almost every old school website design and cms have a Facts & Figures section, where the school puts forward about 10-20 amazing facts or statistics of the school. Though the statistics are impressive, nobody actually remembers it – mostly because they’re presented in a dull and boring bulleted format. By making a transition to infographics, it allows people to easily understand and consume the vast amount of impressive information about the school. The bold, colorful icons, together with supporting text helps present a convincing case.
  • Create a captivating homepage: You only get a single chance to make an impression, and infographics make sure that you make good use of that. Infographics are used as a panel on the homepage to present some important data or at times just to add some variety as visuals always score better than simple text. It is a great way of not overwhelming visitors with an overload of data and presenting only what matters in a clear and attractive design.
  • Use infographics to drive conversion: Let’s face it – an engaging piece of content that doesn’t lead to the next step is a wasted opportunity. Thus, interesting and captivating infographics on website landing pages should lead to an inquiry section or a registration page. This would help drive conversions.
  • Declutter pages and organize information: School websites are often used to share lots of updates and information, be it in the form of health and safety guidelines, notice about school curriculum, holiday list, information about upcoming exams, or something else. Thus, by using infographics, you can actually better communicate the message. Moreover, by coming up with sections and compartmentalizing the information you do not run the risk of overwhelming the audience. That is not all! The icons of the infographics assist non-English speaking families who too look for vital information on the school website.

Key takeaway

When it comes to school website design and cms, infographics offer an effective solution. The visuals are better at communicating a message across. They are direct, easy to understand, and mobile-friendly. It’s a creative form of captivating people, improving their overall website experience, and help increase the site’s conversion rates.

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know what you think about infographics by commenting below.

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